Our First Award

Many thanks to Book Dilettante who gave this blog our first award.

To accept the award I need to reveal 7 previously unknown facts about us.
So here goes.

  1. This blog is a collaborative effort mainly by Kerrie and Bernadette with occasional contributions from Sunnie. It aims to bring reviews with an Australian “fair dinkum” flavour. The reviews have also usually been published on our individual blogs.
  2. Kerrie and Bernadette both live in suburban Adelaide only about 3 km from each other.
  3. We met in cyberspace when Bernadette began to be a regular visitor and commenter on Kerrie’s blog.
  4. We are members of the same face to face book discussion group that meets more or less monthly in Adelaide on a Sunday morning.
  5. We are also both members of online Yahoo groups oz_mystery_readers and 4MA
  6. Bernadette introduced Kerrie both to BookMooch and the Audible.com
  7. We are also both members of the Crime and mystery fiction FriendFeed room

3 thoughts on “Our First Award

  1. How interesting that Kerrie and Bernadette met online and happened to live in the same city! Nice collaborative effort. I'm enjoying the Aussie take on mystery novels, and will look at some of the crime fiction groups you mentiioned. I'm pleased that Book Dilettante (Ohio, USA) has give you your first, well deserved award!


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