An Australia Day Re-Launch

Fair Dinkum Crime is re-launched today as a home for reviews and news about Australian crime fiction, including author interviews.

As well as re-publishing some reviews we’ve written elsewhere during the past year, over the next couple of months Adelaide-based crime fiction fans, Kerrie (of Mysteries in Paradise) and Bernadette (of Reactions to Reading) will be reading and reviewing great new Aussie crime fiction for you including,

  • BLACK RUSSIAN by Lenny Bartulin
  • DEATH MASK by Kathryn Fox 
  • DOCUMENT Z by Andrew Croome
  • KING OF THE CROSS by Mark Dapin
  • THE HALF-CHILD by Angela Savage
  • VIOLENT EXPOSURE by Katherine Howell

And we’ll soon start featuring interviews with Australian crime fiction writers too.

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5 thoughts on “An Australia Day Re-Launch

  1. Yes congrats on the relaunch. One question – if I already subscribe to Mysteries in Paradise and Reactions to Reading, should I also subscribe to Fair Dinkum or am I already getting all the reviews via the two blogs?


  2. Australian book reviews will be posted on both sites Maxine, but all other content like author interviews etc will be exclusive to Fair Dinkum


  3. Document Z – I have that on my shelf and am really looking forward to reading it. I was shocked when I discovered at the Sydney Writers Festival that the author was the same age as me. I don't know why it shocked me – it just did. He has a book under his belt… hmmm


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