TRUTH on the big screen

ABC News reports that Australian Director John Polson is to make a movie out of Peter Temple’s TRUTH (reviewed here at Fair Dinkum). The novel won last year’s Miles Franklin Award which is given for the best “published novel or play portraying Australian life in any of its phases” and was the first work of genre fiction to win. Ever since there have, of course, been lots of arguments made that the book isn’t genre fiction at all (heaven forbid something as lowly as a crime novel could be mistaken for literature).

TRUTH concerns the investigation into the death of an unidentified woman in a luxury apartment by Stephen Villani, head of the Victorian homicide squad. As the book progresses however it becomes less about the investigation and more an exploration of Villani himself, a flawed father, husband and son, and the nature of modern policing and the role that power and influence can play in society. It’s also a fascinating look at the nature of relationships between blokes.

John Polson, perhaps best known in Australia as the founder of short film festival Tropfest, secured the rights to the movie last year and plans to make it in Australia in 2012. He has yet to find a script writer or consider casting.

Anyone have any thoughts on who should play Stephen Villani?

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