Upcoming Release: THE WRECKAGE by Michael Robotham

We’ve learned the release dates for Michael Robotham’s newest book, THE WRECKAGE. The book, Michael’s first for publisher Little Brown under their Mullholland Books imprint, will hit the shelves on

  • Australia/New Zealand – April 21
  • UK – June 9
  • USA – June 16

Michael’s books are not quite standalones and not quite a series, all being self-contained stories but usually featuring one or two characters from previous novels as well as having new main characters. Accordingly THE WRECKAGE will see the return of retired detective Vincent Ruiz who has featured in several of the earlier novels and will introduce a new character, crusading journalist Luca Terracini. Here’s some more about the book from the publisher

Someone is bombing the banks of Baghdad. On the streets of London, an ex-cop, Vincent Ruiz, is robbed of his briefcase. And Richard North, a top tier VP at an international finance powerhouse, vanishes.

North holds the key that connects these three seemingly unrelated events–or did, until he disappeared without a trace. As Ruiz tracks down the thieves, it quickly becomes clear that he has been mistaken for someone else. Someone who still has something that powerful men want and will do anything to get back.

Here’s what to look for on the book store shelves.

US cover
Australia/UK cover

Of course your cover will be determined by where you buy the book from but does one of these covers make you more likely to  pick up the book than the other?

Finally, for those of you in the UK Michael’s most recent release, BLEED FOR ME, will be one of the books discussed on this week’s episode (Sunday Feb 27) of the Channel 4 Book Club.

If you need any more information about Michael Robotham, earlier this month Michael was featured in an Author Spotlight here at Fair Dinkum which details his novels, his awards and more.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Release: THE WRECKAGE by Michael Robotham

  1. I actually like the Australia/UK cover better. I'm not sure what appeals to me more about it; perhaps it's the scenery in the background. This one sounds like a really interesting premise. I'm looking forward to it.


  2. I like the Australia cover best, too, though the other one is OK-ish. From the press release it sounds as if this new book is more of an adventure thriller and perhaps a bit more distinct from the last two or three titles (though there may be one or two points of similarity with The Night Crossing!).


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