The Fair Dinkum Quiz #1

To further help celebrate Aussie Authors Month we’re offering a selection of slightly loved books (i.e. bought new, read once) from some great Australian authors as prizes for our inaugural quiz. In keeping with our baker’s dozen theme there are 13 questions ranging in difficulty from ‘googlable’ to ‘should probably have read a few posts on Fair Dinkum before attempting this quiz’ to ‘oh heck I hate quizzes’.

How to enter

Please email your answers to us (don’t put your answers in the comments, we’ll only delete them).

The competition is open world-wide BUT entrants from outside Australia may have to wait on surface mail for their winnings (our choice of mailing option will depend on where you live and surface mail can take 3 months to arrive in some countries).

Closing date for entries is midnight on 24 April 2011 (Australian central standard time which is GMT +9.5)

How to win

All correct entries will go into a random draw from which we’ll select a winner and a second prize getter. If there are no entries with 13 correct entries then all the entries with 12 correct answers will go into the random draw. If there are no entries with 12 correct answers then… (you get the point I’m sure).

What you’ll win

First prize: your choice of any 2 of these books

  • BLOODY HAM by Brian Kavanagh
  • COLD JUSTICE by Katherine Howell
  • CONSEQUENCES OF SIN by Clare Langley-Hawthorne
  • DEATH MASK by Kathryn Fox
  • GUNSHOT ROAD (Hard back) by Adrian Hyland
  • LETHAL FACTOR by Gabrielle Lord

Second prize: your choice of 1 of the books remaining after the winner has selected their goodies.

The Questions

  1. Who created Cliff Hardy?
  2. Which Australian writer won the very first Edgar Award for Best Novel?
  3. A stroke victim, laid out “like a fish on a slab”, hears people in the house plan a murder. What is the novel and who wrote it?
  4. What won the 2002 Ned Kelly Award for best novel and who wrote it?
  5. Whose detective has a wooden, and then later a titanium, leg?
  6. Whose debut novel featured Senior Sergeant Cam Fraser?
  7. Where might you find Corinna Chapman and who created her?
  8. Australia’s Minister for Immigration (ALP) has been murdered in her Canberra apartment in which novel?
  9. Who are the two actors who have played the lead character from the Arthur Upfield books in television adaptations?
  10. Which bridge does a woman jump from in the opening of Michael Robotham’s SHATTER?
  11. Malla Nunn, Angela Savage and Brian Kavanagh set their most well known Aussie crime series in which far-away (from Oz) locations?
  12. The main character of Leigh Redhead’s books is a private detective now but before that what job did she hold?
  13. Name two crime writers who were born in South Australia (which is also the home of the Fair Dinkum bloggers).

9 thoughts on “The Fair Dinkum Quiz #1

  1. We have your entry Maxine, glad you had a go. I don't think I could have gotten all the answers myself to be honest…but happily I didn't have to 🙂


  2. No Becky – all the people who have the most correct answers will go into the draw for the prizes – you might only need half correct – depends on how much others know 🙂


  3. Can I just say “Tim Winton, Tim Winton, Tim Winton” over and over like a chant? LOL This test is hard! I have an idea on TWO of them, that's it. Hardly respectable!

    I know Winton isn't crime but I just lurve his books!


  4. This quiz is a lot of fun, and expanding horizons into more Australian crime fiction, leading one to want to do nothing but read it.


  5. I've had a crack at them – some of them are very hard, since they hark back to a time when I was not into Australian books, since I lived somewhere else!


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