Fair Dinkum Baker’s Dozen #6: Phillipa (PD) Martin

This is #6 in our new feature here at Fair Dinkum Crime. Victorian writer Phillipa (PD) Martin has agreed to respond to our version of an author interview. We’ve approached the author interview a little differently, trying to offer the authors (who we thought must get asked a few standard questions fairly frequently) the opportunity to share some of their lesser known secrets. Or not, it’s entirely up to them. We provide the authors with 13 beginnings and, like the creative geniuses they are, they turn them into sentences (or paragraphs, or full blown essays should the urge arise).

And so to Phillipa’s responses…

 I often wonder…about how things were first invented, discovered or tried. Even the simple stuff, like the first time someone mixed ground wheat, water and yeast to make bread or the first time a dried up piece of corn popped! And who first made raspberry and white chocolate muffins?

Friends would describe me as…stubborn, self-motivated and kind.

I will never…mmm…this one had me stumped. Never say never, right. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll never eat dog pooh. Or any pooh for that matter.

My greatest fear is…something happening to my family, especially my daughter.

My worst job was…telemarketing for a matchmaking agency – I kid you not!

I¹m in dire need oftime and sleep. And maybe a massage.

My childhood waslike most people’s – full of good and bad moments. Times of joy and love and heartbreak and insecurity.

I wish I hada lovely modern house with a big backyard and a dishwasher (a ‘real’ dishwasher, not the one called Phillipa).

I wish I hadn’tchanged schools for the last two years of my schooling. But that’s a long story.

The thing I hate most about being a writer isthe poor pay!

The last book I read wasJodi Piccoult, My Sister’s Keeper (I’m only about 10 years behind the times)

The next book I’ll write isThe Gift. A women’s fiction about three childhood friends, each experiencing their own heartbreaks.

Being an Australian author meansbeing proud to be Aussie but also having to reach out to the global markets to make a living.

PD Martin – Phillipa Deanne Martin – is the author of five novels and one e-novella featuring Aussie FBI profiler Sophie Anderson. Her books are currently available in 13 countries and have received excellent reviews. Her books, in order, are: Body Count, The Murderers’ Club, Fan Mail, The Killing Hands, Kiss of Death and Coming Home ($2.99 on Amazon). You can find out more about her at www.pdmartin.com.au and view two book trailers at www.youtube.com/pdmartinauthor.

Find Phillipa at

  • Williamstown Literary Festival:  Saturday 30 April, 4pm, and the session is… The gory details of deadly fiction with crime writers PD Martin, Robert Gott and Carmel Shute of Sisters in Crime.
  • Bayside Literary Festival:  Tuesday 24 May at 7.30pm I’ll be at the Bayside Literary Festival at the Brighton Savoy

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The Fair Dinkum Baker’s Dozen has been launched especially to celebrate Australian Authors Month which is a cross-genre celebration of Australian writing. In addition to sharing reviews, author interviews, competitions and anything else relating to the writing and reading of works by Aussie authors the month is focused on raising awareness of the Indigenous Literacy Project (ILP). The ILP is a charity with the aim of raising literacy levels among Indigenous Australians in rural and remote communities and it works in partnership with the Australian Book Industry and the Fred Hollows Foundation.

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  1. I so wish it were easier to get Aussie authors over here in the States. My library carries a few, but not more of the contemporary writers, especially women authors. Guess I should squawk about that, fair dinkum.


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