Fair Dinkum Quiz #1 – Answers and Winners

As part of our celebrations to mark Aussie Authors month we hosted a quiz, setting what was apparently a difficult set of questions if the number of entries is anything to go by. However, 2 brave souls not only entered but got all 13 answers correct (and several of you got very close).

We put the names of the two people who got all 13 right in a virtual hat to select which of them gets to select 2 from the 6 available books first. So, first prize goes to J F Norris and second prize to Bill Barnes. You’ll be receiving emails from us shortly to make your selections and then we’ll send off your packages.

Now, for the answers you’ve all been waiting for.

1. Who created Cliff Hardy? Peter Corris (Hardy has appeared in 36 novels/short story collections!) (so far)

2. Which Australian writer won the very first Edgar Award for Best Novel  – Charlotte Jay for BEAT NOT THE BONES in 1954 (sadly no extra points for those who knew her real name was Geraldine Halls)

3. A stroke victim, laid out “like a fish on a slab”, hears people in the house plan a murder. What is the novel and who wrote it? THE WHISPERING WALL by Patricia Carlon. The book was first published in 1969. It was only after her death that it became generally known Carlon was profoundly deaf which does make you look at the plots of her suspense-filled novels often featuring people in isolation in a different light.
4. What won the 2002 Ned Kelly Award for best novel? DEATH DELIGHTS by Gabrielle Lord, the first in her trilogy featuring Canberra-based forensic scientist (and ex NSW cop) Jack McCain.

5. Whose detective has a wooden, and then later a titanium, leg? Marshall Browne’s Inspector Anders who first appears in 1999’s THE WOODEN LEG OF INSPECTOR ANDERS which is based in Rome. The book won the 2000 Ned Kelly Award for best first fiction.
6. Whose debut novel featured Senior Sergeant Cam Fraser? Felicity Young’s A CERTAIN MALICE, set in Felicity’s home state of Western Australia. 
7. Where might you find Corinna Chapman and who created her? In the bakery Earthly Delights, just off Flinders’ Lane in Melbourne in the 5 books (so far) created by Kerry Greenwood (we had all sorts of variations on this answer but we accepted all the ones who got the basics right).
8. Australia’s Minister for Immigration (ALP) has been murdered in her Canberra apartment in which novel? DEAD SET by Kel Robertson which offers Neo-Nazis, ambitious politicians (are there any other kind) and a vengeful wife as possible suspects in a difficult case for Inspector Brad Chen

9. Who are the two actors who have played the lead character from the Arthur Upfield books in television adaptations? The character is Napoleon Bonaparte and the actors we were looking for were James Laurenson (who played the role in the 1970’s) and Cameron Daddo (who played it in the 1990’s). English actor Jon Finch was originally selected for the 1970’s job but he made himself unavailable before shooting started which is when New Zealander Laurenson got the gig.

10. Which bridge does a woman jump from in the opening of Michael Robotham’s SHATTER? Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England which was built from 1831-64

11. Malla Nunn, Angela Savage and Brian Kavanagh set their most well known Aussie crime series in which far-away (from us) locations? South Africa, Thailand and England respectively.

12. The main character of Leigh Redhead’s books is a private detective now but before that what job did she hold? Private Investigator Simone Kirsch used to be a stripper and lives in St Kilda in Melbourne. 

13. Name two crime writers who were born in South Australia (the home state of your Fair Dinkum Bloggers)? We accepted any of these names Max Afford, Tess Brady, Kirsty Brooks, Garry Disher, Charlotte Jay, A E Martin, Paul McGuire, or Leigh Redhead. I will admit that a couple of these were new to me (shame on me).

Thanks to all those who took part in the quiz. We’ll find another reason to celebrate soon and run another one which we may, or may not, make a little easier. Of course the best way to make sure you’ve got all the answers is to pick up some Aussie crime fiction and start reading 🙂

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