Wrapping up Aussie Authors Month 2011

Given that Fair Dinkum Crime is a blog devoted to the celebration of crime fiction by Aussie authors then it could be argued that Aussie Authors month didn’t look any different to any other month for us. But we wanted to feel part of the action so we did do a few extra things to celebrate.

Getting inside the minds of authors

We launched our version of the author interview, which we’ve called the Fair Dinkum Baker’s Dozen. We provide the author with 13 beginnings and ask them to finish off with sentences, paragraphs or entire essays should they feel so inclined. During the month we posted two of these each week and while we’ll be continuing on with this feature it will scale back to a monthly feature. The authors we featured during April were

We’ve had a great response to this feature, it seems people like to know which of their crime fiction authors has had their hands up a chicken’s watoozie :). It’s been fun for us too, hearing from such an interesting range of new and established authors. Thanks once again to everyone for sharing their thoughts and their time.

Do let us know if there’s an Aussie crime fiction author you’d like to hear from and we’ll have a go at tracking them down.

Getting you involved

We also ran a quiz relating to (naturally) Aussie crime fiction. If you missed it click here to have a go at the questions yourself (even though the quiz is now closed but it’s good to test yourself occasionally) or if you’re feeling lazy go straight to the answers. We’ll be running more of these in the future (and yes they probably will still be this difficult, two people got all 13 questions right so it was not an impossibility).

Keeping up with the Reading

We posted some brand new reviews of Aussie crime fiction too:

Elsewhere on the web

There were many other people celebrating Aussie Authors month too and one of the best ways I found to keep up to date with what was going on around the web was by following the #ausbooks hashtag on twitter. Among the gems I found that might interest other Aussie crime fiction fans were

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up Aussie Authors Month 2011

  1. “Do let us know if there's an Aussie crime fiction author you'd like to hear from and we'll have a go at tracking them down.

    Jarad Henry (I loved his Blood Sunset) and Kerry Greenwood please.


  2. Good suggestions Vicki, I loved Blood Sunset too (it's been such a long time since that was published, wonder what else he's been doing) and am a real fan of Kerry Greenwood's modern series. We'll see what we can do.


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