Fair Dinkum Baker’s Dozen #8: Michael Duffy

This is #8 of our series in which Australian crime fiction authors have the opportunity to share some of their lesser known secrets. Or not, it’s entirely up to them. We provide the authors with 13 beginnings and, like the creative geniuses they are, they turn them into sentences (or paragraphs, or full blown essays should the urge arise).
Michael Duffy is a Sydney-based crime fiction author and has provided a thought-provoking series of endings.

I often wonder what might have happened if I’d missed that train to Wollongong on New Year’s Day 1987.

Friends would describe me as someone who ought to come out to play more often, instead of sitting inside writing books.

I will never visit the Palace of Versailles again because it is obscene.

My greatest fear is so absurd I’m afraid to mention it.

My worst job was temporary postman one Christmas, and only getting back after the office had closed. (I think the regular postie cheated when he “divided” up his run.) It was a very hot summer and I lasted two days.

I’m in dire need of a second brain.

My childhood was fairly happy, thereby almost derailing my future as a writer. But I don’t blame my parents.

I wish I hadn’t done an English literature degree – for years I compared everything I wrote with the gems of literary achievement, with which I was distressingly familiar.

The thing I hate most about being a writer is nothing really. It’s all I ever wanted to do, even if I managed to hide this from myself for too long.

The last book I read was THE SUSPECT by Michael Robotham. (You’ve probably read it, but if not, you should.)

The next book I’ll write is Call Me Cruel, a true crime book about a trial I covered as a journalist. Paul Wilkinson exchanged 23,000 text messages with Kylie Labouchardiere during a four-month affair, then strangled her and sent the police to five different locations to look for her grave. It has never been found.

Being an Australian author is like being in a new playground where not many kids have been before you.

We’ve reviewed Michael’s first book, THE TOWER and his second book, THE SIMPLE DEATH is on my TBR pile.

EVENT Michael will be appearing at this month’s Sydney Writer’s Festival at a session called Cities of the Dead on Saturday May 21 at 4:00pm. Appearing with Michael will be American author Michael Connelly, Singapore-based Shamini Flint and fellow Australian writer Garry Disher and the focus of the session will be on locations.


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  1. Any idea how to get “Prime Cut” by Alan Carter and “Cold Justice” by Katherine Howell?

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