Aussie crime writers at the 2011 Sydney Writer’s Festival

The annual Sydney Writer’s Festival starts on Saturday (May 14) and runs through until the 22nd of May. Of interest to Fair Dinkum readers will be the opportunities for seeing and hearing Aussie crime writers so here are our picks from the Festival’s massive event calendar (there were a couple more events that would have made the grade but they have sold out and it just seems mean to point out the fun you’ll be missing out on)

This is Thriller – Thursday 19 May 10:00-11:00 (free, no booking required)

Authors: L A Larkin, John M Green and Cathy Cole (all Australian)

Today’s world with its environmental disasters and financial catastrophes lends itself to thriller treatment as John M. Green and L.A. Larkin demonstrate. Do these themes reflect the fears of our time and can fiction change the way people think? They talk to Catherine Cole about what keeps us in suspense.

Criminal Agency – Thursday 19 May 6:30pm-7:30pm (free, bookings essential)

Authors: Garry Disher (Australian), Shamini Flint (Singapore)

Entertaining thoughts of a life of crime – or simply find the life of crime entertaining? Join crime writers Shamini Flint, the Singapore-based creator of the Inspector Singh Investigates series, and Melburnian Garry Disher, the award-winning author of over 40 crime novels, for an illicit discussion on the murky world of writing crime fiction.

Once Were Lawyers – Friday 20 May 10:00am-11:00am (free, no booking required)
Authors: Sulari Gentill (Australia), Shamini Flint (Singapore) 

Shamini Flint and Sulari Gentill both threw off the law for the uncertain, not-so-lucrative but so much more enjoyable life of writing about crime, among other subjects. They say they revel in their new vocations. But can you really take the lawyer out of the writer? They talk to Margaret Barbalet.

Cities of the Dead – Saturday 21 May 4:00pm-5:00pm (free, no booking required)

Authors: Michael Connelly (America), Garry Disher (Australia), Michael Duffy (Australia), Shamini Flint (Singapore)

Every crime needs a good location and these writers excel in evoking the cities where their deadly deeds occur: Michael Connelly’s Los Angeles, Michael Duffy’s Sydney, Gary Disher’s Melbourne, and participating chair Shamini Flint’s Singapore.

The New School – Sunday 22 May 2:30-3:30pm (tickets $15/10)

Authors: Nicole Watson (Australia), Shamini Flint (Singapore), P.M. Newtwon (Australia).

These cops don’t fit the stereotype. Meet detectives Jason Matthews (Aboriginal), Nhu “Ned” Kelly (Vietnamese) and Inspector Singh (Singaporean Sikh) and their creators: Nicole Watson, PM Newton and Shamini Flint. They talk to Mark Dapin (also a crime writer)

You will find event locations and booking forms (where necessary) at SWF website.

Sadly neither of your Fair Dinkum correspondents will be attending any of these events. Kerrie is currently travelling the globe visiting newborn grandchildren and having all sorts of other fun and I will be slogging it out at work, approximately 1400 kilometres away from the nearest Festival venue. If any Fair Dinkum readers do attend these events and wish to contribute a review or some general thoughts please do get in touch with us via email.