A fair dinkum month – July 2011

Australian crime fiction in the news and on the web

Adrian Hyland‘s MOONLIGHT DOWNS (also published as DIAMOND DOVE depending on what part of the world you’re in) was reviewed at Seeing the World Through Books and Adrian was featured as a guest blogger at Murder is Everywhere, writing about his experiences with fire, most particularly the horrific bushfires that spread through the part of Australia where he lives a couple of years ago. The book that has resulted from that experience, KINGLAKE-350, is published today (1 August). I’ve talked about the book at my other blog (as it is neither crime nor fiction it doesn’t really belong here at Fair Dinkum).

Sydney-based crime fiction writer Barry Maitland was interviewed for the Sydney Writers’ Centre’s regular series of podcasts in which best-selling authors talk about the secrets of their success. The podcast runs for about 30 minutes and tackles a range of issues including making the transition from a different profession (Maitland was an architect before turning to full time writing in 2000), the importance of setting in creating his Brock & Kolla novels (which take place in London) and writing his first Australian-set novel, BRIGHT AIR.

Chris Womersley is interviewed by Shearer’s Books  after winning the Australian Book Industry’s Best Literary Fiction Award this year for BEREFT (the content of the short interview is interesting but the sound quality is pretty ordinary). Womersley gave an interesting definition of what separates literary fiction from ‘the rest’. Not one I’d heard before.

Derek Hansen‘s A MAN YOU CAN BANK ON was reviewed at Aust Crime Fiction

Garry Disher‘s latest Challis and Destry novel WHISPERING DEATH got a mention in The Australian‘s regular crime fiction wrap-up by Graeme Blundell, and is also discussed in the Hastings Leader

Gary Corby’s crime novel set in Ancient Greece, THE PERICLES COMMISSION, was reviewed at Aust Crime Fiction

Jennifer Rowe‘s first adult crime novel in more than 10 years, LOVE, HONOUR AND O’BRIEN, was reviewed at Aust Crime Fiction

The audio version of Kerry Greenwood‘s DEAD MAN’S CHEST (the 18th Phryne Fisher novel) was reviewed at Aust Crime Fiction

Malla Nunn‘s A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO DIE was reviewed at Crime Scraps

Michael Duffy‘s THE SIMPLE DEATH was reviewed at Aust Crime Fiction

Michael Robotham‘s latest novel THE WRECKAGE was reviewed in the New York Times and at Crime Down Under and  Murder by Type. His earlier novel, BLEED FOR ME, scored a review at Between the Lines. Though I’ll take issue with the last paragraph in which the reviewer says Robotham does British crime writers great credit! – he’s ours 🙂

Sulari Gentill‘s A DECLINE IN PROPHETS was reviewed at Aust Crime Fiction

Here at Fair Dinkum HQ

2 Jul  –  we posted details of this year’s Ned Kelly Awards ceremony to be held as part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival

5 Jul  –  Bernadette reviewed 2011 debut author Alan Carter‘s PRIME CUT (4.5 out of 5 stars)

10 Jul –  Bernadette posted a review of Phillip Gywnne‘s THE BUILD UP (5 out of 5 stars)

14 Jul – Kerrie posted a review of Geoffrey McGeachin‘s THE DIGGER’S REST HOTEL (4.8 out of 5 stars)

15 Jul – Bernadette posted a review of P.D. Martin‘s KISS OF DEATH (3 out of 5 stars)

21 Jul – Bernadette posted a review of Chris Womersley‘s BEREFT (didn’t give it a rating, had conflicted feelings about this one)

26 Jul – Bernadette posted a review of Kerry Greenwood‘s DEAD MAN’S CHEST (3.5 out of 5 stars)

30 Jul – Bernadette posted a review of Angela Savage‘s THE HALF CHILD (4 out of 5 stars)

31 Jul – Bernadette Posted her thoughts on this year’s Sisters in Crime Reader’s Choice award.