Ned Kelly Awards – arriving at a short list

Well, we didn’t manage to read all the offerings on the Ned Kelly 2011 longlist before the short list was announced but I thought it might be interesting to see how we rated those we did read.

Those that have made the shortlists are marked ****

Best First Fiction

Diamond Eyes  AA Bell – Kerrie rated this at 3.9

Undercover  Keith Bulfin

**** Prime Cut  Alan Carter – Bernadette 4.5, Kerrie 4.7

While I Have Perdo  John Chesterman

Who Killed Dave?  Linda Cockburn – Bernadette 3

The Pericles Commission  Gary Corby – Bernadette 3.5, Kerrie 4.4

Mosquito Creek  Robert Engwerda – Bernadette 4

Beyond Fear Jaye Ford – Bernadette 3

A Few Right Thinking Men Sulari Gentill – Bernadette 3.5

Beautiful Malice  Rebecca James

The Genesis Flaw L.A. Larkin

**** The Old School  P.M. Newton – Bernadette 4,  Kerrie 4.6

Five Parts Dead  Tim Pegler

**** Line of Sight  David Whish-Wilson –  Bernadette 4

Best Fiction

The Ghost of Waterloo Robin Adair

Follow The Money Peter Corris

Sharp Turn Marianne Delacourt

The Maya Codex Adrian d’Hage – Bernadette 3.5

Death Mask Kathryn Fox – Bernadette 4.5

Watch The World Burn Leah Giarrantano – Bernadette 4

Dead Man’s Chest Kerry Greenwood – Bernadette 3.5, Kerrie 4.3

Violent Exposure Katherine Howell – Bernadette 4.5

Gunshot Road Adrian Hyland – Bernadette 5, Kerrie 5

Fall Girl Toni Jordan

Silk Chaser Peter Klein – Kerrie 4.5

Naked Cruelty Colleen McCullough – Bernadette 2

**** Diggers Rest Hotel Geoff McGeachin – Kerrie 4.8

Let The Dead Lie Malla Nunn – Bernadette 4, Kerrie 4.5

How The Dead See David Owen – Bernadette 4

Red Ice James Phelan

Thrill City Leigh Redhead

Mice Gordon Reece

Hot Rock Dreaming Martin Roth

**** The Half-Child Angela Savage – Bernadette 4, Kerrie 4.5

The Noon Lady of Towitta Patricia Sumerling

**** Bereft Chris Womersley – Bernadette – no rating, had a problem seeing it as crime fiction

Shattered Sky Helene Young

Neither of us can understand how Adrian Hyland’s Gunshot Road could NOT have made it to the short list. Katharine Howell, Kathryn Fox and Malla Nunn should also have been there in our opinion.

6 thoughts on “Ned Kelly Awards – arriving at a short list

  1. Nice wrap-up Kerrie, and yes GUNSHOT ROAD is a glaring omission from that list. I won’t rant at length here about these awards but will just say that I think it’s poor form for any awards process to be so entirely hidden. Who knows what their criteria are? Last year they omitted Peter Temple’s TRUTH from consideration. I understand it was at his own suggestion because he’s won several in the past but frankly I don’t see how you can claim to be given award for best crime fiction novel and then remove from consideration a significant work.


  2. Bonkers. Gunshot Road is written by someone so glaringly talented as a writer that I can’t see how anyone could have missed it. If Truth was omitted last year, that says it all really. Truth and Gunshot Road are heads and shoulders above 90 per cent of crime fiction. (or more)


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