The Fair Dinkum Quiz #2 – Answers and a Winner


Thanks to everyone who entered our second quiz (where you had to tell us which 5 of the items on the list were books and which 5 were band names). Thanks to The Randomiser we have a winner of the shiny new copy of Katherine Howell’s VIOLENT EXPOSURE and it’s Dawn who is one of the blog’s Aussie readers. We’ll be posting the book shortly Dawn.

For those who are curious, here are the answers:

Split Enz c.1980

Split Enz – a band (one of my personal favourites, I still have the ticket stub to their final concert in my home town which I went to the night before my matriculation English exam in 1984) (back then I could go out late and still function the next day as I did pass the exam despite my parents’ warnings that all my hard work would be lost if I went to the concert)

Guns N Rosé – a book by Robert G Barrett (it is the 11th of Barrett’s books to feature the larakin protagonist Les Norton who is a bouncer for a Kings Cross night club which provides plenty of opportunity for investigative adventures)

The Cooper Temple Clause – a band (English indie rock and I’m afraid I know nothing else about them but I liked the name)

Split – a book by Tara Moss (the second novel to feature forensic psychologist Makedde Vanderwall, this one sees Makedde head to Canada)

Murder by Death – a band (who play American indie rock and instrumentals, their vocalist sounds a little reminiscent of Nick Cave which is why I bought their last album called Red of Tooth and Claw – they have an amazing violinist)

Murder Must Wait – a book (by Arthur Upfield featuring his most well-known character, Napoleon Bonaparte)

The Dead Kennedys – a band (an early American punk band actually, equally notorious for their legal squabbles as their music)

An Easeful Death – a book (by Western Australian author Felicity Young, I reviewed the book at my other blog in the days before Fair Dinkum existed)

Murder by Death's 4th album

The Dismemberment Plan – a band (named after a line from the movie Groundhog Day and I thought it sounded like a serial-killer laden book)

The Vaults of Blackarden Castle –  a book (by prolific Australian writer Arthur Gask, I know nothing else about it other than that there’s currently a copy selling for £63+ pounds at Abe which seems rather a lot but I guess that’s what happens when books are out of print).


Thanks again to all those who played along, I think we have some more goodies floating around Fair Dinkum HQ so we’ll have another quiz soon.


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  1. Thanks for the quiz. It’s fun. Happy reading to Dawn. Katherine Howell is an author to be enjoyed.


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