Planning your Aussie Crime Fiction Reading for 2012

If you’re signing up to one (or both) of the Australian themed reading challenges for next year you might be looking for some brand new crime fiction to read. Here are some titles that I’m particularly looking forward to

Gary Corby‘s second Athenian mystery set in Ancient Greece has already been released in the US but is only being released in Australia on 3 January 2012. The blurb begins…“ATHENS, 460 B.C. Life’s tough for Nicolaos, the only investigating agent in ancient Athens. His girlfriend’s left him and his boss wants to fire him. But when an Athenian official is murdered, the brilliant statesman Pericles has no choice but to put Nico on the job. The case takes Nico, in the company of a beautiful slave girl, to the land of Ionia within the Persian Empire. The Persians will execute him on the spot if they think he’s a spy. Beyond that, there are just a few minor problems. He’s being chased by brigands who are only waiting for the right price before they kill him. Somehow he has to placate his girlfriend, who is very angry about that slave girl. He must win over Themistocles, the military genius who saved Greece during the Persian Wars, and then defected to the hated enemy. And to solve the crime, Nico must uncover a secret that could not only destroy Athens, but will force him to choose between love, and ambition, and his own life.”  I have just started listening to the audio version of this one (inexplicably available to me to legally purchase whereas the paperback is not available for two more weeks).

Sulari Gentill’s third Rowland Sinclair novel, MILES OFF COURSE, is due out on 30 January 2012 and the publisher’s blurb tells us this…“Opening early in 1933 in the superlative luxury of the Blue Mountains’ Hydro Majestic hotel, Miles off Course finds Rowland Sinclair and his companions ensconced in croquet and pre-dinner cocktails, that is, until the Harry Simpson, vanishes. An Indigenous stockman, Simpson has a hold over the Sinclair brothers that is both mysterious and unusual. The Hydro Majestic is rapidly abandoned for the High Country of NSW where Rowland searches for Simpson and becomes embroiled in a much darker conspiracy” A copy of this one arrived on the doorstep of Fair Dinkum HQ yesterday and I must admit to doing a happy dance (luckily for all concerned there is no video of this hideous sight). I was also chuffed to learn that the fourth book in this series will also be released in 2012. More happy dancing to come.

Peter Corris‘ 39th (I think) Cliff Hardy novel is called COMEBACK and will be released on 30 January 2012. The blurb says “Cliff Hardy has his licence back—but does he still have what it takes to cut it as a PI on the streets of Sydney? Cliff reckons the skills are still there, if a little rusty, and actor Bobby Forrest’s murder case looks promising. His investigations take him deep into the city’s underbelly through inner Sydney, the city’s west, the central coast and the Wollondilly Plains. Along the way, he encounters a range of suspects and motives that put his powers to the test; prostitutes and cops, corporate movers and shakers, a would-be golf guru and a media magnate’s kick-boxing assistant. Only Hardy’s experience, resilience and persistence bring him to a shock understanding of what it’s really all about.” I am determined to read this book even though I have never read any of the predecessors…I do find such a long series a very daunting prospect but I’ll just jump in and see how I go

Katherine Howell‘s fifth Ella Marconi novel is called SILENT FEAR and is due out in Australia on 1 Feb 2012. Here’s the publisher’s blurb “On a searing summer’s day paramedic Holly Garland rushes to an emergency to find a man collapsed with a bullet wound in the back of his head, CPR being performed by two bystanders, and her long-estranged brother Seth watching it all unfold. Seth claims to be the dying man’s best friend, but Holly knows better than to believe anything he says and fears that his re-appearance will reveal the bleak secrets of her past – secrets which both her fiance Fraser and her colleagues have no idea exist, and which if exposed could cause her to lose everything. Detective Ella Marconi suspects Seth too, but she’s also sure the dead man’s wife is lying, and the deceased’s boss seems just too helpful. But then a shocking double homicide related to the case makes Ella realise that her investigations are getting closer to the killer, but also increasing the risk of an even higher body count.”

Are there any Aussie crime books you’re particularly looking forward to getting your hands on next year?


8 thoughts on “Planning your Aussie Crime Fiction Reading for 2012

  1. Bernadette – I was determined not to read this because of my already-way-too-long TBR. But I did anyway and now look what you’ve done ;-)! I’m already intrigued by about three of those books!


  2. I’m still working on my authors from Oz books for this year. But I have a lot planned for next year, once I figure out the budget. I am hooked on Katherine Howell, and am going to read Y. Erskine’s book, Nicole Watson’s, Garry Disher’s new one, Angela Savage’s, Kathryn Fox’s Death Mask, and more. If things go the way they did this year, Australia will be a leading contender in my most read books from a country list.


  3. Oh, I’m definitely hooked on Katherine Howell’s books. Though a big quieter than many, I am up all night with her books, so much read the rest. And will juggle gift certificates, find used books and even order from Book Depository (if I legally can) and from a few publishers. It’ll work out. I can’t wait for Nicole Watson, Y. Erskine, S. Gentile, Kathryn Fox and more. I’m intently reading all of these reviews and Kerrie’s, too.


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