2012 Australian crime fiction releases

Here’s a list of the books we’re anticipating reading at Fair Dinkum HQ this year, though as always with publishing the dates, titles and covers may change. Looks like good reading ahead

  • January – Gary Corby – THE IONIA SANCTION (already reviewed)
  • January – Peter Corris – COMEBACK
  • January – Sulari Gentill – MILES OFF COURSE (on the TBR pile, will read and review before publication date of 30 January)
  • January – Adrian McKinty – THE COLD, COLD GROUND (yes I know what you’re thinking but McKinty lives here now – as evidenced by his recent brush with local wildlife – and we Aussies have a long and proud history of adopting talented foreigners as our very own)
  • January – Noel Mealey – MURDER AND REDEMPTION (I picked this up in my ‘spend the Christmas vouchers’ shopping spree at a local bookstore last week so expect a review shortly)
  • February – Katherine Howell – SILENT FEAR
  • March – Felicity Young – THE DISSECTION OF MURDER (this is the start of a new series featuring Dr Dody McCleland, the first female autopsy surgeon working in London at the turn of the twentieth century)
  • April – Tony Cavanagh – PROMISE (a debut novel from long-time TV producer and writer)
  • May – Ruby J Murray – RUNNING DOGS
  • May – Malla Nunn – SILENT VALLEY (this is the third in her Emanuel Cooper series which looks like it will be published in the US in June under the title BLESSED ARE THE DEAD)
  • July – Kathryn Fox – COLD GRAVE
  • August – Sulari Gentill – PAVING THE NEW ROAD (yes that’s right, Sulari is publishing the third and fourth books in the Rowly Sinclair series this year as well as more books in her young adult/fantasy series!)
  • August – Michael Robotham – SAY YOU’RE SORRY
  • September – Gabrielle Lord – DEATH BY BEAUTY

7 thoughts on “2012 Australian crime fiction releases

    • I have added this one to my new list Elizabeth and am going to publish an updated list once a month – looking forward to this as I enjoyed Jaye’s first book last year


  1. Great list. I have a lot of Aussie-based books to read this year, especially by women. One thing, though, I may never leave Melbourne, as I’m totally infatuated with the world of Corinna Chapman, the bakery, the cats, the neighbors, the friends, the city’s sights, restaurants, etc.


  2. That would be nice. I do have books by Sulari Gentill, Nicole Watson, Y. Erskine waiting for me but I’m not ready to leave Melbourne. And I’m ordering Angela Savage’s book when I finish these, if I ever get out of the bakery. This just heightens my own muffin habit to even worse levels.


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