Sisters in crime tell short stories

The Australian arm of Sisters in Crime introduced the Scarlet Stiletto Awards for short stories by Australian women crime writers in 1994. By the time 2011’s awards had been announced 2181 stories had been received for consideration since the awards’ inception. Such largesse could fill several volumes of anthologies but, to date at any rate, you have to make do with two collections, both now available in eBook format from Clan Destine Press. Unlike the US and UK, the Australian crime writing scene does not have a strong tradition of short story writing so this is a rare opportunity to dip into some award-winning Australian crime writing.

Scarlet Stiletto: The First Cut was first published in 2007 and contains the best 26 stories from the first 13 years of the competition. They are

  1. Dust Devils by Julie Waight
  2. Concealer by Kerry Munnery
  3. Psycho Magnet by Tara Moss
  4. Habit by Cate Kennedy
  5. Slasher’s Return by Jacqui Horwood
  6. Froth and Trouble or Sun Hill Blues by Margaret Pollock
  7. Still Life by Dianne Gray
  8. Thursday Night at the Opera by Christina Lee
  9. Birthing the Demons by Josephine Pennicott
  10. Shifty Business by Liz Cameron
  11. Pecking Order by Roxxy Bent
  12. The Bodyguard by Sarah Evans
  13. Mrs Wilcox’s Milk Saucepan by Roxxy Bent
  14. Everything $2 on This Rack by Cate Kennedy
  15. Operation Bluewater by Inga Simpson
  16. After Azaria by Ann Penhallurick
  17. Brought to Book by Liz Filleul
  18. The Supper Murder by Margaret Bevege
  19. What We Do Best by Phyl O’Regan
  20. Dead Water by Bronwyn Blake
  21. Luisa by Christina Lee
  22. Ripe Red Tomatoes by Ronda Bird
  23. Dead Woman in the Water by Janis Spehr
  24. Divine Intervention by Louise Connor
  25. Floating in a Live Circuit by Siobhan Mullany
  26. Vermin by Janis Spehr

The collection is available from Amazon (kindle) or Clan Destine Press (ePub)

Scarlet Stiletto: The Second Cut features the 1st Prize winners from 2007 – 2010 and a selection of category winners from the 17-year history of the Scarlet Stiletto Awards.They are

  1. Kill-Dead-Garten by Aoife Clifford
  2. Amanda by Lois Murphy
  3. Sally’s Seachange by Kristin McEvoy
  4. Cold Comfort by Sarah Evans
  5. Monitoring the Neighbours by Kirstin Watson
  6. Poppies by Kylie Fox
  7. Persia Bloom by Amanda Wrangles
  8. Kitchens Can be Dangerous by Ronda Bird
  9. The Key Suspect by Jane Blechyden
  10. Smoke by Aoife Clifford
  11. The Write Place by Liz Filleul
  12. Playing Chicken by Corinna Hente
  13. Side Window by Vikki Petraitis
  14. Bucket Time by Kerry James
  15. Undeceive by Evelyn Tsitas
  16. Fence Hanger by Linda Tubnor
  17. Plane Jane by Louise Bolland
  18. Xenos by Evelyn Tsitas
  19. Check-Out Time by Rowena Helston
  20. A Man of Fashion by Lesley Truffle
  21. Death World by Eleanor Marney
  22. Tallow by Eleanor Marney

The collection is available from Amazon (kindle) or Clan Destine Press (ePub)





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