2012 Australian crime fiction releases – February update

We try and keep track of new crime releases on the Australian scene and here is the list of books we know about that are due for release in the remainder of the year, do let us know if there are any gaps in this list. Links below go to the publisher, book or author’s website.


  • Katherine HowellSILENT FEAR (the fifth book in the Ella Marconi series in which a paramedic’s brother looks to be guilty of shooting someone)
  • Wendy JamesTHE MISTAKE (a new book from the winner of the 2006 Ned Kelly Award for first crime fiction for her debut novel OUT OF THE SILENCE)


  • Felicity YoungTHE DISSECTION OF MURDER (the start of a new series featuring Dr Dody McCleland, the first female autopsy surgeon working in London at the turn of the twentieth century)
  • Jaye Ford – SCARED YET?


  • Tony Cavanagh – PROMISE (a debut novel from long-time TV producer and writer)


  • Y. A Erskine THE BETRAYAL (a second book for Erskine set in Tasmania, in this one a young female constable makes a claim of sexual assault against a colleague)
  • Ruby J Murray – RUNNING DOGS
  • Malla Nunn – SILENT VALLEY (this is the third in her Emanuel Cooper series which looks like it will be published in the US in June under the title BLESSED ARE THE DEAD)


Nothing? What will a girl read?


  • Kathryn Fox – COLD GRAVE


  • Sulari Gentill – PAVING THE NEW ROAD (a second Rowly Sinclair book for 2012)
  • Michael Robotham – SAY YOU’RE SORRY


  • Gabrielle Lord – DEATH BY BEAUTY

2 thoughts on “2012 Australian crime fiction releases – February update

  1. Fair Dinkum Crime, a cool place to find the best crime writing from Oz. Hard to find Aussie fiction in American book stores sometime. Another reason I love Amazon.


  2. There goes the credit card, which I will have to hide at a neighbor’s. Between Katherine Howell, Sulari Gentill, Kathryn Fox. Y. Erskine and Malla Nunn, the budget just flew out the window.


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