2012 Australian crime fiction releases – May update

We try and keep track of new crime releases on the Australian scene and here is the list of books we know about that are due for release in the remainder of the year, do let us know if there are any gaps in this list. Links below go to the publisher, book or author’s website.

Just missed them

  • Tony Berry  WASHED UP – Reluctant sleuth Bromo Perkins returns to the streets of Richmond, persuaded by the tempting wiles of Liz Shapcott, to look more closely into the death of bright young student Melissa OGrady. As he bumbles his way into the murky depths of this trendy Australian suburb, Bromo soon falls foul of devious real estate agents, housing developers and town planners as he uncovers something far more sinister than shonky real estate deals.
  • Josephine Pennicott POET’S COTTAGE a haunting mystery of families, bohemia, fairy-tales, truth, creativity, lies, murder and memory, set in 1930s Australia and the present day.


  • Y. A Erskine THE BETRAYAL (a second book for Erskine set in Tasmania, in this one a young female constable makes a claim of sexual assault against a colleague)
  • Malla Nunn – SILENT VALLEY (this is the third in her Emanuel Cooper series which looks like it will be published in the US in June under the title BLESSED ARE THE DEAD)


Nothing? What will a girl read?


  • Kathryn Fox – COLD GRAVE


  • Sulari Gentill – PAVING THE NEW ROAD (a second Rowly Sinclair book for 2012)
  • Barry MaitlandALL MY ENEMIES (Brock & Kolla #12)
  • Michael Robotham – SAY YOU’RE SORRY


  • Gabrielle Lord – DEATH BY BEAUTY

Coming Soon (no date known yet)

  • Carmen Cromer – UNDERCURRENT (another mystery set in Tasmania, download the first chapter from here)

6 thoughts on “2012 Australian crime fiction releases – May update

  1. Some really tempting-looking reads coming up here – I’m particularly looking forward to the second Y A Erskine book & will be happy to give Malla Nunn another outing.


  2. Good update. I have looked high and low for Katherine Howell’s latest book. Yes — I’m hooked on her series, as is another mystery reader friend. Do you know where I can obtain this, which won’t require me to pay a king’s ransom?
    Thanks for your reviews of this author, who has introduced me to Ella Marconi.


  3. I just finished The Betrayal which is even more brutal than The Brotherhood. I hope you stop by to listen to my chat with Malla Nunn


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  5. Thanks very much for the mention of ‘Undercurrent: A Cattis Cull Mystery’!

    (It’s going to be out in late June.)

    I’m looking forward to reading Melanie Calvert’s ‘Freycinet’ – another Tassie mystery…

    Carmen Cromer


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