Updates…New Releases…Links (or all the things we’ve missed in recent weeks)

Things have been almost deathly silent here at Fair Dinkum HQ of late and for that I apologise. But I was moving house (and am still living in the semi-chaos of ongoing renovations) and Kerrie was gallivanting about the world on holidays so Aussie crime fiction had to take a back seat for a bit. But we’re almost back to full speed now and are gearing up for some more great reading. I have moved to a house that is a 3 minute walk away from one of Adelaide’s last remaining independent bookstores and so should have no excuse for not keeping up with my Aussie crime fiction from now on.

Recent and Upcoming Releases


  • Adrian d’Hage – THE INCA PROPHECY
  • Kathryn Fox – COLD GRAVE (Forensic physician Dr Anya Crichton is taking a break aboard a luxury cruise ship when the body of a teenage girl is discovered shoved in a cupboard, dripping wet)
  • Geoffrey McGeachin – BLACKWATTLE CREEK (the second Charlie Berlin book and the first of what I expect will be many books I bought after moving into a house 3 minutes walk from a book shop)


  • Sulari Gentill – PAVING THE NEW ROAD (a second Rowly Sinclair book for 2012 and one we have already received here at Fair Dinkum HQ, I intend to sit down with it very shortly)
  • Stuart Littlemore – Harry Curry: The Murder Book
  • Barry Maitland – ALL MY ENEMIES (Brock & Kolla #12)
  • Michael Robotham – SAY YOU’RE SORRY (a Joe O’Loughlin novel)


  • Courtney Collins – THE BURIAL (Inspired by the life of Jessie Hickman, the legendary horse thief and murderess of the 1920s, The Burial powerfully evokes the imagined life of a 22 year old bushranger whose real crime, it seems, was to have been born a woman)
  • Gabrielle Lord – DEATH BY BEAUTY
  • Tara Moss – ASSASSIN


  • Kerry Greenwood – UNNATURAL HABITS (Phryne Fisher #19)

Aussie Crime Fiction in the news and blogosphere

In case you missed it the longlist for this year’s 2012 Ned Kelly Awards has been announced. As always there’s no information available at the online home of the awards about the shortlising criteria or timelines for the various stages of the process but we’ll try to keep abreast of things as best we can (and no I’m not going to have another rant about this topic) (promise).

In what seems to be coming a regular feature (well I hope so anyway) Angela Savage discussed two new release crime novels from Aussie authors on the ABC’s Books and Arts Daily radio show. The audio is available here for anyone who wants to hear the discussion on YA Erskine’s second novel THE BETRAYAL and Annie Hauxwell‘s debut IN HER BLOOD.

At Book’d Out Shelleyrae has been churning through Australian crime fiction (as well as all her other reading because apparently superwoman is hiding in semi-rural Australia) and has included Aussie women crime writers in her features for the Australian Women Writers challenge, She has reviewed Malla Nunn‘s LET THE DEAD LIE and SILENT VALLEY then had a chat with Malla that you can listen to then reviewed  Y.A. Erskine‘s THE BETRAYAL and interviewed the author about the secret behind the book and has also reviewed Helene Young’s romantic suspense novel BURNING LIES just this week.

Aust Crime Fiction has also been busily reviewing Aussie crime fiction including Malla Nunn‘s SILENT VALLEY, Annie Hauxwell‘s IN HER BLOOD, Geoffrey McGeachin‘s BLACKWATTLE CREEK and Sulari Gentill‘s PAVE THE NEW ROAD


12 thoughts on “Updates…New Releases…Links (or all the things we’ve missed in recent weeks)

  1. LOL I wish I was Bernadette!
    I also have a phone interview with Kathryn Fox about Cold Grave next week and an audio will be available shortly after so make sure you stop by to listen!


  2. A lovely lineup of new books coming out! Thanks for posting about them. Although I must say my credit card and TBR list will not like this at all! 😉


  3. Thanks for the round-up/heads-up. I’ll be eagerly looking out for some of these, in particular the second novel by Y A Erskine (the first was amazingly available over here in the UK so I have hopes the second will be too). Looking forward to your review of that when you’ve read it. I see the Annie Hauxwell was prominently featured on the CWA site yesterday so I hope that helps its sales.


  4. Thanks for the updates! Now you’ve given us homework: read reviews, listen to interviews. Just the thing to do on a (very) hot summer day here in the States. And, coincidental to this post, my copy of The Precipice just arrived which will keep me ensconced in air-conditioning during this new heat wave.
    And, I, too, have a credit card problem when lists of new books come out with rave reviews.


  5. These links are fantastic. Just enjoyed the interview with Angela Savage about The Betrayal and In Her Blood. The interview with Malla Nunn is fascinating. She loves to read crime fiction unsurprisingly, and raves about Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter as her last great read in this genre. (Unfortunately, although I had the sound turned up, I had a bit of trouble hearing Nunn’s responses while Shelleyrae’s voice is loud and clear.


  6. Kathryn Fox’s book sounds excellent. I haven’t read any of her books before. Is it best to begin from the start?


    • Emily this is one series I think you could start later on as there’s not a huge amount of character back story to contend with. The series in order is

      Malicious Intent (2005)
      Without Consent (2007)
      Skin and Bone (2008)
      Blood Born (2009)
      Death Mask (2011)
      Cold Grave (2012)

      And I think you could start just about anywhere, though my personal favourite is the last one, Death Mask (of course I haven’t read Cold Grave yet so who knows)


  7. Death Mask is on my TBR list, will move it up — I’m not sure to where. I keep adding and moving up books. At least 10 years’ worth of books on this list and more books will appear in the interim. Oh well, at least I’m reading “good” books. No DNF this year and many good reads in a row. Am going to start The Precipice very soon, as it arrived late last week.


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