The 2012 Davitt Awards are just around the corner

The Davitt Awards are sponsored by Sisters in Crime Australia and are named in honour of Ellen Davitt who wrote Australia’s first mystery novel, FORCE AND FRAUD in 1865. Voting is now open for the 13th annual awards for the best crime books by Australian women published in Australia in 2011 and there are 49 books competing in five categories:

  • the best adult novel
  • the best children’s / young adult novel
  • the best true crime
  • best debut (any category)
  • and the Reader’s Choice award (voted by members of Sisters in Crime and can be from any category)

Here at Fair Dinkum Crime we really only read novels in the first category, for which the eligible titles this year are

  • Sydney Bauer, THE 3RD VICTIM
  • A.A. Bell, HINDSIGHT
  • Claire Corbett, WHEN WE HAVE WINGS
  • Sandy Curtis, FATAL FLAW
  • Miranda Darling, THE SIREN’S SONG
  • Virginia Duigan, THE PRECIPICE
  • Helen Fitzgerald, THE DONOR
  • Jaye Ford, BEYOND FEAR
  • Sulari Gentill, A DECLINE IN PROPHETS
  • Carol Gibson, CLICK CLICK, YOU’RE DEAD
  • H.M. Goltz, DEATH BY SUGAR
  • Kerry Greenwood, COOKING THE BOOKS
  • Sylvia Johnson, WATCH OUT FOR ME
  • Adriana Koulias, THE SIXTH KEY
  • Phyllis King, ed., SCARLET STILETTO: THE SECOND CUT [Readers Choice vote by SinC members only]
  • Jennifer Rowe, LOVE HONOUR & O’BRIEN
  • Nicole Watson, THE BOUNDARY
  • Helene Young, SHATTERED SKY

Links are to the 9 reviews I’ve posted of the 23 eligible titles. As a member of Sisters in Crime I’m eligible to vote for the Reader’s Choice category for which voting closes on 1 August. I’m probably not going to finish any more of the eligible books by then so my vote will be going to the book I fell in love with earlier this year. It’s a very close run thing though as there are several more titles in that list which I think are outstanding and none of the ones I read is a dud. So in my humble opinion crime writing by Australian women is in darned good shape.

The Awards will all be presented on 1 September and I won’t be able to attend but will hopefully be able to follow along on twitter as I did last year.

3 thoughts on “The 2012 Davitt Awards are just around the corner

  1. Bernadette – Thanks for the news about this. It’ll be very interesting to see who wins, and I’d have to agree with you. Australian women write excellent crime fiction!


  2. I have read several mysteries by Australian women and have not read one that was not a good read, none that fall into the DNF category, none that I wouldn’t pass on to friends. In fact, one friend is now asking about Katherine Howell books, another liked the first one in Felicity Young’s new series, and I’m about to loan out The Boundary to a friend who just returned from a trip to Australia(!) by ocean liner. (And I may buy her Gunshot Road, too.)
    The Precipice is another story altogether. I’m reading it and have never read a book like this before. I almost can’t describe it. I have to stop and think as I’m reading about what’s going on and analyze the characters, trying to understand them. Nothing is superficial. Everything has meaning.
    My only complaint about reading Australian crime fiction over here, by women especially, is very frustrating as much of it isn’t available — or it costs a ransom to get from Australia. Wish we could all do something about this. One new trick I’ve learned is that if I’ve wait about six months, a used book may appear at Abe Books, or Book Depository may surprise me and have something in stock that it is legally allowed to ship to the States. Or just give up the food budget and get books!


  3. I’ve only read two of these, enjoyed them both. On balance, I’d go for The Brotherhood by Y A Erskine. I look forward to reading some of the other titles when the opportunity arises and I have some time!


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