Ned Kelly Awards 2012 – The Shortlist

The shortlists for three categories of the Ned Kelly Awards were announced earlier today and are repeated below. As you’ll see we’ve only reviewed one of these here at Fair Dinkum HQ so I suppose we have some catching up to do (though of the three novels in the best fiction category one is a YA title and the other is, according to the three people I polled who have read it, not something that would ordinarily be considered crime fiction so I don’t feel too bad that they didn’t make it to my radar). The winners will be announced at the end of this month (I think)


    Liz Porter, Cold Case File, Pan Macmillan

    Michael Duffy, Call Me Cruel, Allen & Unwin

    Eamonn Duff, Sins of the Father, Allen &Unwin


    Kim Westwood, The Courier’s New Bicycle, Harper Collins

    Peter Twohig, The Cartographer, Harper Collins

    Claire Corbett, When We Have Wings, Allen & Unwin


7 thoughts on “Ned Kelly Awards 2012 – The Shortlist

  1. The only author I’ve heard of here is Barry Maitland. Although I don’t live in Australia I am well aware of plenty of eligible books – what a pity.


  2. Thanks for posting this Bernadette. The books mean nothing to me but it would be interesting to read some reviews. Are you tempted?


    • I don’t enjoy true crime so we’ll ignore that category I could probably get through the remaining 5 books in time…but not one of them tempts me! In the Fiction category one is a YA novel (and I really can’t see the fascination of these for adults) and the other from a well known literary author and is apparently barely a crime novel at all (I’ve only read one of his books but didn’t enjoy it much). If I read anything it will be that one. In the First Fiction category there appear to be 2 sci-fi cross over titles and another YA book.


      • Thanks Bernadette. BTW I’ve sent you a message on twitter. Am looking for a good audio book to download from Audible this month. What’s the best one you’ve listened to recently? I can’t find anything to tempt me.


  3. Hi Bernadette,
    I loved The Cartographer by Peter Twohig – its young hero has a brilliant ‘voice’ and I had trouble stopping reading it it once I got into it. Would highly recommend it. My review is here: and would love to read your thoughts on this book if and when you review it.
    Haven’t read any of the others shortlisted yet though.


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